Common Questions

Toddler Mealtimes Common Questions

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Common Questions Fussy eating

Starting points:

Essentials Module 1: Toddler Eating gives an overview of what to expect in terms of toddler eating, and how to approach mealtimes with confidence. Module 2: Philosophy explains my golden rules for feeding your toddler. You can also learn more about using safe foods, how to build your toddler's confidence to try new foods, and what do do if your toddler only wants to eat fruit and no veggies!

Common Questions Health

Starting points:

There are a number of medical factors which can impact on toddlers' eating. We have a range of guest presentations on constipation, teeth, eczema, ear infections and tonsils to give you evidence-based information, and find out how to get more support when you need it. 

Common Questions How much and how often?

Starting points:

Module 2: Philosophy explains my golden rules for mealtimes, which are the backbone for helping your toddler develop a healthy relationship with food. This includes letting your toddler be in charge of how much they eat by listening to their tummy voice. You can read about snacks for toddlers, whether to include a bedtime snack and find all the snack inspo you need in my Snack Gallery.


Common Questions Food and drinks for toddlers

Starting points 

Essentials Module 4 gives an overview of what to feed your toddler. There is an entire section of the website dedicated to food, including how to support your toddler in continuing to progress to trickier textured foods and info on food storage and reheating.

If you're exhausted by the mental load of making food decisions all day, every day, I've got you covered with my recipe collection, Meal Inspiration Gallery, Snack Gallery and How to Choose Guides. Read on for the more specific questions that come up about foods and drinks.

Common Questions Mealtime Mayhem

Starting points:

Module 3 outlines my top four strategies to focus on when feeding your toddler, plus loads of little tips and ideas to try out and see what works for you. I've also got specific support for highchair refusal, daycare food dilemmas and screens at mealtimes, as well as tips for making toddler eating at special events and on holidays an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Mealtime behaviours:

Eating with others:

Common Questions When should I get more support?

If you've ever felt like you just wanted to talk through your concerns and get some reassurance that you're on the right track, you can now book a consultation with a Mealtimes dietitian. This service is only available to people with a current Baby or Toddler Mealtimes membership. Learn more about the service and pricing, and book a consultation here.


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