Do you want to enjoy mealtimes with your toddler?

Do you want to stop second guessing yourself?

Do you want your toddler to eat the same foods as you?

Do you want to know your toddler is getting enough (and not too much)?

Do you want experts to answer all of your questions, without a hefty price tag?

Toddler Mealtimes A relaxed, evidence-based and enjoyable way of feeding your toddler

Who knew feeding toddlers would feel like the wild west?

Perhaps this is your first time in the fussy eating trenches and you’re a little overwhelmed with all the options and opinions out there. Or maybe this is your redemption round and you’re looking to avoid having another super fussy toddler.

One thing’s for sure: You want to feel good about mealtimes.

Toddler Mealtimes is subscription database filled with balanced meal inspiration, recipes, snack ideas and a step-by-step guide to helping your toddler learn to like all foods, while actually enjoying mealtimes. Plus you'll get access to our dream team of feeding specialists to help you at any point.

Toddler Mealtimes is here for you!

  • If you want a team of specialists to guide you through the toddler eating journey
  • If you want to know step-by-step how to help your toddler learn to like a variety of foods
  • If you want someone to take away the mental load of working out what to do (because parent brain fog is real!)
  • If you want to learn how to trust your toddler to become a confident, adventurous eater

It’s not just about feeding your little one. It’s about creating an enjoyable, and stress-free experience for you, too. 

Toddler Mealtimes will help you feed your toddler through all the phases, until they're ready to head off to school.

Full access for all memberships Whats included?

You can join Toddler Mealtimes for as long as you like. You can pay monthly, quarterly or save money with an an annual membership.

To help you feel relaxed & confident when feeding your toddler:

  • An evidence-based approach to setting up lifelong healthy eating habits
  • Food and nutrition advice covering absolutely everything you need to know
  • Answers to all of your questions as they arise, no Googling required
  • Ideas, practical examples and demonstration videos
  • Information organised simply, for you to find when you need it
  • Videos, photos and text so you can watch, swipe or read if you prefer
  • Expert guidance when you need it. Our feeding team is here to help

Practical resources:

  • Four short modules covering the essentials- your quick-start guide to our approach
  • Practical strategies to help fussy eaters who find new food challenging
  • Support to make one meal that will actually work for everyone
  • Scroll-able food photo galleries, including a meal inspiration gallery and snack gallery with over hundreds of food ideas
  • A new way of looking at healthy eating for kids, to protect them from disordered eating
  • Answers to common questions on all kinds of food and mealtime topics
  • How-to-choose guides to find toddler friendly foods in the supermarket, including recommended products
  • Food ideas for kids who are still learning like all sorts of foods, but that you will actually want to make and eat
  • Guest speakers on a wide range of topics, like eczema, constipation management and parental anxiety at mealtimes
  • Over 100 delicious and easy recipes, with advice on how to help your toddler learn to like them, plus substitutes for common allergens

A community of like-minded parents, supported by a team of feeding experts:

  • Access to our member-only Toddler Mealtimes Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with Dr Kyla
  • A team of Mealtimes experts to answer every question you post in the group
  • Connections with other parents who have seen and done it all, just a few weeks or months before you
  • Problem solve with our experts in the group, or book a member-only consultation

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If your child has recently turned one but is still finding their groove with solids, then Baby Mealtimes is still your best option.

Try the monthly membership.

Everything is presented in small, bite-sized chunks and our team is on hand to support you at every stage.

At Toddler Mealtimes, we pride ourselves on being able to respond to your questions, to help you make sense of everything. We know that all kids are different, so we're here to help you problem-solve through all of the speed bumps you might encounter.

  • Ask our team of experts any questions you have about feeding your toddler
  • Get support and solidarity from parents experiencing the same challenges as you
  • Join live monthly Q&A sessions with Dr Kyla
  • Book an additional one-on-one consult, a service only available for members

Trying to follow someone else’s meal plan or rigid rules isn’t going to make your life easier.

It’s going to add unnecessary pressure, making mealtimes so much harder.

At Toddler Mealtimes, it’s not our way. It’s your way.

With our support and framework, we help you find your own way to feeding your family with confidence.