Dr Kyla’s Colleagues

Check out all these amazing health professionals!
Here is a list of experts I recommend for being excellent in their field, evidence-based and just great people! Members have access to guest seminars on all kinds of useful topics, check out the links below. I don’t get paid for these recommendations; I just want you to know who I trust.

Eczema Nurse


Jemma Weidinger

Master of Nursing
(Nurse Practitioner)

I see babies and children with eczema up to 16 years of age.

No referral is needed

I am a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. I have postgraduate studies in child health and allergy nursing and a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). I have over  20 years of experience in healthcare, most of this working with children. I have worked for many years at Princess Margaret Hospital for  Children in Perth (now Perth Children’s  Hospital) and have also worked in children’s hospitals in New South Wales and Victoria. I  have worked in a variety of roles in various clinical settings including nurse practitioner,  clinical nurse specialist, clinical nurse including research and staff development nurse. My work interests include eczema and allergy in children, parent support, education and research.

Currently, I work as a nurse practitioner  in the Department of Dermatology, Immunology and Allergy at Perth Children’s  Hospital. My role includes seeing and  treating children with eczema, establishing a  new rapid eczema allergy support service for infants and young children at Perth  Children’s Hospital and developing eczema resources to educate and support parents as well as health professionals. I also work as an eczema nurse practitioner at Children’s  Eczema Care.

Watch Jemma's Eczema Seminars for TMT Members here and here.

Sick Happens


Penny Blunden

Paediatric Registered Nurse
with a Masters of Advanced Practice Nursing

I offer education sessions, an online course and multiple digital resources.

No referral is needed

People come to me to be delivered education with empathy. To learn how to be confident in troubleshooting and navigating your way through inevitable bouts of sickness in children.

As a Paeds RN and Mum to two young boys, I understand how much sick kids can impact the whole family unit. And to make matters worse, there is nowhere for parents to access ongoing, evidence-based, pre-emptive education about inevitable sicknesses in little ones. The fevers. The snotty noses. The rashes. Sick Happens provides support and education to help parents gain confidence in handling this normal unfortunate aspect of parenting.

Watch Penny's seminar for TMT members on childhood sickness.

Kids GP


Dr Andrew Leech

Kids GP

I offer advice and reassurance on a wide range of health problems (no question is too silly!)

No referral is needed

I am a GP who has sub-specialised in kids health - I love dealing with all aspects of paediatrics from physical to psychological health and wellbeing. I also offer check ups and preventative healthcare such as development checks, immunisations.

I also enjoy health promotion with podcasting and youtube videos.

Watch Dr Andrew's seminars for TMT members on constipation and ear infections.

Paediatric Physiotherapy


Nicole Pates

Paediatric Physiotherapist

I see kids of all ages for a wide range of things, work a lot with babies.

No referral is needed.

Nicole is an Australian Physio Association Titled Paediatric Physio, a mum of 2 and the founder and director at Western Kids Health. Nicole believes in empowering parents through purposeful play and accurate motor development information.

She works on gross motor delay/concerns, flat heads (plagiocephaly), torticollis (tight necks) packaging disorders (tightness or asymmetries from being in the womb) and asymmetrical movement patterns (like turning one foot out while walking).

Watch Nicole's seminar for TMT members on movement skills and physical development.

Educational and Developmental Psychology


Jess Chrystal

Educational / Developmental Psychologist

People see me for individual counselling for developmental disorders and mental health difficulties, Family and parent support for children of all ages.

Clients can get the Mental Health Care Plan which allows them up to 10 sessions that can be rebatable through medicare - however this is not imperative and sessions can be booked in privately.

Jess is an endorsed Educational & Developmental Psychologist with over 10 years of experience in her field. She completed her Masters in Educational / Developmental Psychology at Monash University in Melbourne & currently works part-time at Mini Minds Child and Adolescent Health.

She has had extensive experience in the areas of autism, learning difficulties, attention & concentration difficulties, & challenging behaviours. Jess uses an evidence-based approach to assessment & therapy, & is committed to helping children discover their hidden talents, developing greater confidence, draw upon their inner strength & discover their full potential. Jess is also passionate about working with parents and families to help them create an environment facilitating mental wellbeing, healthy development and stronger relationships.

Away from work, Jess is busy being a mother to 3 beautiful children. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga, keeping fit & spending quality time with friends and family.

Early years parenting and child development


Mandy Richardson

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
Masters Child & Family Studies
PhD Candidate - A Respectful Approach to Parenting- Outcomes in Parent & Child well- being

I am passionate about offering children a natural childhood, filled with opportunities to play and be in nature!

No referral is needed.

I'm a Mum to 3 gorgeous girls and a buffed husband (his words!).

My passion is for the early years to be the best years, and for the bonds between parent and child to be strong!

People come to me with all their 'What the..?' questions about toddlerhood. They mostly want to know why their toddlers seem to have meltdowns over the most random things, how they should respond both for their own sanity and in a way that best supports their child.

Parents often seek guidance about how to get their toddlers to do what they would like them to (e.g. get dressed) and stop doing what they would like them not to do (e.g. climb the dining table!)

My other speciality is toddler play! I provide support about how to set up playspaces to invite meaningful, independent play.

I also provide information about toys, activities and nature inspired play to suit different ages and stages of development.

Watch Mandy's seminar for TMT members on parenting and behaviour.

Speech Pathology


Kim Lockly

Speech Pathologist

Kim works with children 6 years and under to support their talking, feeding, reading and play skills.

No referral is needed.

Learn and Grow Speech
w. www.learnandgrowspeech.com
i. @learngrowspeech

Kim is a Speech Pathologist, Mum of three (including twins) and lover of coffee and sun and a play enthusiast. She lives in Sydney's South and works for both public health and her own practice. As a Mum herself, she knows that parents need access to good quality information and easy, fun ways of supporting their kids that don't add too much to our already busy lives.

She is passionate about Early Intervention for children with disabilities as well as equipping parents of all young children with the information and skills they need to help their children thrive. I offer both face to face services, and online consults (including some evenings).

Watch Kim's seminar for TMT members on biting and chewing.



Jenna Gore

Sleep Science Consultant

Baby, toddler and child sleep challenges.

No referral is needed.

Sleep Science Guru
w. www.sleepscienceguru.com
e. hello@sleepscienceguru.com
p. 0410 295 827
i. @sleep.science
f. @sleepscienceguru

The Sleep Science mission is to encourage, educate and empower parents to improve their child's sleep so that they can reclaim the joy of parenthood. We believe in using evidence based strategies to help parents and their baby or toddler. Every baby is unique and therefore we believe in individualised solutions for each child, to suit each individual and family situation. When creating our personalised sleep plans we take into account the unique family situation, little one's temperament and parenting style.

Our consultants are trained in the Sleep Science philosophy and understand the physical and psychological side of babies and children, as well as the incredibly complex biological side of sleep science.
Our consultants are highly skilled and come from a wide range of backgrounds including Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Medicine, Paediatrics, Nursing, Child Health Nursing and Midwifery.